Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you offering this service?
The current COVID-19 situation is very unstable and with current social distancing measures in place, we are sure it will take some time to get back to classes as per normal. This service which we started in April has proven to a hit, with 90% of people continuing it through May. In order to keep you guys doing the workout you love, we wanted to bring it your homes!
2. What is included in the package?
The bikes come with our live stream classes, which consists of rhythm cycling classes as well as access to other workouts off the bikes. 30 minute HIIT, Core, Pilates and ABA (Arms, Butt, Abs) classes to give you a comprehensive workout experience.
3. Do I have to tune it at class times or are classes on demand?
We have live stream classes, or you can tune in to your favourite lessons as well, as we have on-demand capabilities. This means you can join into any class you like whenever you like to, which no other cycling studio currently has.
4. Will I need special cycling shoes?
In order to make this more accessible to you, we have taken upgraded the bikes to have STAGES SP3 pedals which will allow for SPD and LOOK Delta cleats and fitness shoes. We do strongly recommend you to get look cleats in order to have a great experience through each workout. We will also have shoes available for purchase or rental.
5. What is the difference between the leasing and purchasing option?
The leasing option will come with SC2 bikes, which are a higher end model and the purchasing option will come with SC1 bikes which is a slightly toned down version. For personal use both will suffice. (If you would like to  purchase an SC2 bike, please let us know). The leasing option gives you more flexibility and allows you the ability to upgrade to newer bikes if you stay subscribed. The purchasing option will cost you lesser, but there will be no upgrading of bikes.
6. What do the bikes come with?
a. Customised Bike STAGES SC1/SC2
b. STAGES Aerobar (for more hand positions)
c. STAGES SP3 Pedals (accomodates both fitness shoes and cycling shoes (SPD / LOOK Delta)
d. Tablet Holder
e. Dumbbell Holder
f. 1 Set of Dumbbells
7. What is the size of the bikes?
STAGES SC1 - 51 cm W x 99 cm L
STAGES SC2 - 62.23cm W x 110.49cm L
8. Are there payment options?
Yes if you would like to purchase, we can break payments down into 3-month payments with an additional $100 surcharge. You can opt for a leasing option if you would not like to spend so much upfront. Do note there is a $600 refundable deposit for leasing.
9. How many users can use the bike?
In order for you to maximise the usage of this service, we have upgraded the pedals so you can use it with sports shoes. This means you can have multiple users within your household using the bike.
10. Are fees all inclusive?
There will be a one time delivery fee for bike purchases. We will try to keep this as affordable as possible.
11. Are the bikes covered under warranty?
Yes they are. Up to 8 years on the frame and the belt, 2 years for mechanical parts and 3 months for wear items.
12. Are these the same bikes you use at your studio?
No, we had decided to switch to STAGES, however due to the COVID-19 situation, we had put off all plans to do so. However, as these bikes use belt drive technology, they require less maintenance and upkeep as the chain ones we use.
13. Are the instructors the same?
Yes, the instructors are the same great people who you love!
14. Can I use my existing credits for this?
We do not have this capability right now as this is a different service from in studio classes.
15. Can I just get classes?
Yes, do look out for future emails which will contain more information on just joining classes.
16. Are there refunds?
Once we confirm your order, you will not be able to refund or cancel your purchase.
17. If I have more questions, who can I speak with?
You may email us at or call/whataspp us 9699 3584.
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